Summer work and studies

Today the strangest thing happened when I was driving home from the grocery store.. I already had a workplace for the summer and plans to study life drawing aside, then suddenly my phone rang and I got an offer to work on a app this summer. We’re going to have a lunch meeting on Wednesday to talk about it more, I don’t want to spoil more details until things are decided but I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂

When it comes to the studies I’ve got much reading done lately, especially in my 3D3 course. The book I’m reading at the moment is ‘’Creating the art of the game’’ by Matthew Omernick which is a great book but I wish that the school had introduce it as course literature the first year because much of the information is basics that at least I learned last year or in the previous 3D course.

Some other reading that I’ve done for future purposes is a book that I got introduced to by following Stephen Silver’s Facebook page. The book is called ‘’Graphic artists guild handbook: Pricing and ethical guidelines (14th edition)’’ and is great for those who are new into the industry  so they can learn how everything works or at least how it is supposed to work and what to do if things go wrong. It will take some time for me to go through it but it will definitely be worth the while! If you are interested of a more proper introduction to the book and about how not to work for free I strongly recommend this webcast by Stephen Silver and Mark Simon:


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