Level Design, Part 2

When we got our new assignment the teachers decided to put everyone in new random groups of two, at first I thought it would be interesting to hopefully get to work together with someone I hadn’t worked with before. But as usual I’m not that fortunate when it comes to getting good group members..

Our assignment was to choose a multiplayer online game and analyze its levels and answer what level are the most popular and why. The first game we chose was DayZ Standalone even dough it’s an alpha it would be an interesting game to analyze. I bought the game especially for the assignment but soon we noticed that it was hard to gather solid data through forums and gameplay and therefor considered opening an own server, I was totally up for it since the cost would be divided in two.. but my group member didn’t want to pay up so therefor we had to choose another game which I wasn’t too satisfied with.

But in the end we decided to go with Loadout which is a F2P shooter with a 3rd person perspective that allows weapon customization. I love the cartoony art style and the brutal death animations! I’m new to shooters but Loadout was fun and easy to get a grip on.

The methods we used to gather information was through different forums and gameplay, what made it easier to gather statistics through gameplay was the voting system which allowed players to vote on their favorite mode/map and those statistics we could easily use in our report. But when it came to the actual report it ended up that I had to do everything myself.. I got no feedback what so ever from my group member, but the report got good feedback from the teacher so therefor I’m satisfied with my own work.

On Friday we will have opposition which is the last part of the Level Design course, I’m a little nervous but it’s going to be interesting since it’s the first opposition I ever had.

Overall the course has been informative but what could have done better are the rules of the second part of the assignment. It would be better in my opinion if the group system would be the same on assignment two as in assignment one so each student can choose to be alone or to be with a person of their choice so slackers don’t get away with their slack.


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